5 Tips for Enhancing Your Image


In the moment, it’s easy to feel like nobody is watching. In crowded real estate markets, you can assume you’re just another body. However, no matter the market, you’re building a reputation over time. Things may not change on a daily basis, but when you look back over the course of many months or years, it’ll become clear that your reputation was forged by how you handled the little decisions.

Having said that, now’s the time to focus on your image as a real estate investor. Here are a few tips for developing a personal brand that you can be proud of.

1. Rent a virtual office

If you’re like most real estate investors, you don’t really have an official “office,” per se. You probably spend most of your time in the car or working out of your home. But if you really want people to take you seriously, then maybe you should consider having an office where you can meet with people in a professional setting.

The most cost-effective option, considering that you only have a need for it on an occasional basis, is to rent a virtual office. A virtual office comes with a number of amenities and can be paid for on a month-to-month basis. Take Jay suites in New York as an example. For a monthly fee, members get access to a Manhattan mailing address, conference rooms and offices, a phone number with voicemail, copiers and printers, and more. Imagine how resources like these would bolster your image.

2. Invest in the right marketing

The beauty of the internet is that you can create any sort of image you want. The key is to invest in the right marketing resources. A crisp professional website is a must, as is an active social media presence. You can also invest in content and build your name as a reputable figure in a particular niche.

3. Always be networking

Networking isn’t always the most fun task, but it has a big influence on how you’re perceived by your peers. It doesn’t matter if things are slow or if you’re busy chasing down more leads than you can handle. Networking should remain a fixture in your life. The more people you know, the more opportunities you have.

4. Provide value for everyone

Your goal should be to provide value to anyone and everyone you come into contact with. No matter how minor it is, you want people to see you as useful. Otherwise, if you’re just another face, you’re viewed as dispensable. This isn’t the sort of image you want to maintain.

5. Don’t burn bridges

The absolute worst thing you can do as a real estate investor is to burn bridges with people. There’s rarely, if ever, a circumstance in which burning bridges is a good thing. It makes you look petty and eventually comes back to bite you, especially if you’re in a small market.

Your Image is Everything

As a real estate investor, your reputation precedes you. Before you ever officially get involved in a deal, people are going to formulate opinions based on what you’ve done in the past. If you aren’t controlling your image, then someone else is going to decide what your “brand” is. Now’s the time to give your image some attention.